About Me

Since its launch in 2008, www.torahshiurim.com has become one of the leading Jewish website with more than a million monthly subscribers and viewers. I have uploaded more than 20000 Torah videos and audios from over 300 different speakers. Every week, I try to record and post as much as 100 lectures so that my Jewish brothers and sisters can listen to the posts, whenever they feel like. With time and technical superiority, the number of viewers is growing extensively. I am proud to announce that around 3,000,000 hours of Torah learning is now possible in my website in a particular year.

Introducing Myself

Joe Doe (i.e. me), born and brought in Jerusalem received smicha (also known as rabbinical ordination) from the Central Yeshiva of Chassidei Breslov in Meah Shaarim. Being a close associate of Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, I learned a lot of things related to Jewish religion and culture. Judaism is a journey towards enlightenment and the wisdom that one derives from Torah is enough to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

Though I am a teacher by profession, serving the Jewish people is my passion. As I am blessed with unique teaching abilities, I can lure you deeper in to the depths of Chazal, while sharing profound messages about practicalities of life. In 2008, I launched this site with an aim to make Torah classes easier and memorable for people across the globe. Anyone can open my site and go through countless Torah videos and audios.

Fluent in Hebrew, English and Yiddish, I can easily translate actual Torah texts in the most interesting ways possible. Years of teaching and a close friendship with Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld has shaped my intellect level in the most enriching way. Besides teaching, I also give my attention on Jewish shrines and religious monuments for their historical significance.

My Mission

I have solely developed this Torah Shiurim website to offer free online Jewish education and courses to make people aware of Jewish culture and traditions followed since 1312 BCE. From my website, people of all religion, age and background can learn myriad things about Jews. The main purpose is to spread the knowledge about Judaism and its sacred Torah to a wide number of people, irrespective of gender, religion or race.

Things You Can Expect Here

On this site, I record Torah lectures from across the globe and upload their videos here so that the entire world, including the Jewish population is able to watch them, devoid of any charges.

Services I offer:

  • From a comprehensive library of digitized Torah Shiurim, you can select your favourite speaker, who will read out the sacred Torah for you.

  • Latest MP3 format of Torah Shiurim is easily accessible through my website as the audio tapes of Torah Shiurim are on decline.

  • My website will bring you a large number of enthralling tales of wisdom and valour so that you can derive immense knowledge and benefits from the Torah in your normal day to day lives.

  • Latest and updated blogs in audio, text and video formats.

  • Short one-minute flash movies are the new hype. In my website, you can view such innovative flash movies with just one click.

  • Choose whatever language you want to: Hebrew, French, English, Russian and Spanish are mostly on offer.

  • Fix your ears to various lectures on every subject from Judaism to derive knowledge and teachings.

  • Free online Torah classes, live streaming of Na’aleh Torah Online classes equipped with a video download option.

  • Audio and video downloads. It may be possible that you don’t have the time to watch lessons online. In that case, download them and watch them in your leisure time.

  • Advices to visit Jewish religious monuments and shrines of historical significance.

Visit my website to acquire inspiration and not some information. With a philosophy to educate the world of Judaism, this site offers countless opportunities for personal development, growth and understanding. The learning from Torah is so enriching that it will lighten up people’s life like a radiant star.

I am committed to my beloved viewers and listeners so that they can enjoy a soothing and hassle-free experience of Torah learning. To listen to thousands Torah lectures and passages, log into my website today!