The significance of Jewish’s sacred texts goes far beyond general religious significance. Besides containing sacred religious commandments and laws, Torah Shiurim sheds light upon the cultural, social and historical heritage of the ancient Jewish people.

What is the Torah?

Torah Scroll

Websites, like offers detailed analysis of topics related to Judaism. The fact-filled articles published on these websites talks about the tale about the creation of the world and the Torah. The Torah is basically a fundamental base of all Jewish sacred texts, in which you will find various stories from the scripture, including the story of the creation of the world, the Exodus from Egypt, vagabondages of the Israelites, the agreement between the God and Abraham and his descendants and the disclosure at Mt. Sinai.

Take some time to go through numerous commentaries found on The educated Jewish personals give interesting insights about the Torah and its implications on the entire religion. The Torah lays stress on the ultimate message of unity from God. For Jews, God is the ultimate power and they share a very personal relationship with God. The Torah, with its 613 commandments is the ultimate guide of life, according to Jewish beliefs.

Other sites, like have enlightened thousands of its listeners about the Torah and that its sermons were revealed in front of a huge group of Jews at Mount Sinai. This is also known as the Sinai revelation and it has been a fundamental base of Judaism for the past 3300 years. For more information, listen to the English Torah tapes found in the

How and when was the Torah written?

The history says, before Moses, the world was governed by traditions, stories and ideas. With traditions and ideas comes writings too. As it is believed that Moses is the author of the Torah then he must be in possession of a few scrolls from more ancient times. Otherwise how could be write such vast stanzas of lessons and teachings! It is believed that before Moses climbed up Mount Sinai, he gave a fiery speech from the Book of Genesis and Exodus. This speech, which was addressed to a huge crowd of Jews, was powerful, poignant and extremely inspiring. Later on, while writing the Torah Moses must have used references from this work in order to produce a divine work of stupendous effort.

The video lectures in are extremely knowledgeable and full of details. By giving closer attention to these lectures, you will understand the importance of The Ten Commandments, which was given by Moses on Mt Sinai. It was an altogether exhilarating experience. The way he said that God wants this and doesn’t what that was simply outstanding. Though the basic idea was to reveal that God cares about his people, the way he did it was pretty unique. No other prophet had ever done something like this before, hence he became instantly popular.

After giving all these sermons, Moses disappears for forty days in the mountains. Once he disappears, 49 gates of wisdom opens for him and all of which gives him adequate secrets of existence. It is then that he writes about the experience of Mount Sinai along with a new set of rules for a better society, which later on becomes a part of the Exodus story.

Several Rabbinic audios and videos from suggest that the Oral Torah was revealed by Moses at Mount Sinai during 1312BC. However, several non-orthodox Jewish scholars indicate the Written Torah had many authors and was written much later.

Various sites, like offers online encyclopaedia, which in turn includes large chapters on Judaism. In the discussion and debate panels of these websites, you will find that there are two opinions in regard to the way the Torah was written by Moses. One school of thought says that Moses slowly wrote whatever was dictated to him and he finished the entire compilation before he dies. On the other hand, another opinion holds that Moses jotted down the entire Torah in one set while he was close to his death, based on the knowledge gathered over the years.

The best way to listen to Torah Shiurim lectures and audios is by logging into sites, like Here, you will not only listen to podcasts but can also download them for future use. Highly compatible with your android and iOS devices, sites like this should always be looked upon to!