Similarities And Differences Between Judaism And Christianity

Judaism And Christianity

The making of the universe still remains a puzzle to a significant number of us. All humankind is fixated on endeavoring to find how the formation of everything that exists came to fruition. Some are persuaded about the heavenly presence of God while others are non-believers. The religious individuals are additionally looked with numerous distinctions and difference about the presence and the idea of the genuine God. Judaism and Christianity are two religions that have somewhat similar origins but some of their practices, beliefs, morals, and teachings are different. The relationship between them has often been a strained one. Christians have always criticized the Jewish people for not accepting Jesus as their Messiah and Jews blame Christians for the corruption of the entire concept of a single God and following some messiah. But very few people know that Christianity is closely related to Judaism.

History is a proof that Jesus along with his disciples, Paul, and the members of the oldest Christian churches were Jews. Jesus Christ’s family followed Jewish traditions and customs. Jesus often quoted the Jewish Bible. As we all know the followers of Jesus followers considered him to be their Messiah, who was originally a Jewish figure that was anticipated in the Hebrew Bible. In spite of its Jewish roots, Christianity viewed itself as something that is other than another Jewish sect. The first Christian gathering or council, depicted in the New Testament, presumed that agnostic believers to Christianity did not need to take after Jewish custom laws. Before long, believers to Christianity were solely agnostics and Christianity moved further far from Judaism.

There are many people in this world who do not belong to any of these religions but are confused as to why these two religions share a strained relationship. Let us take a look at some similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity.

Religious Matters

Even though there are many differences between the two religions, there are also some striking similarities between them. This is because Christianity has emerged from Judaism, but is not a continuation of it as assumed by some people. Thus, there are numerous characteristics that make Christianity and Judaism different from each other.

1. Both have similar stories regarding their creation.

2. They have almost the same codes for good life and the morals of their stories are also similar.

3. Both religions were born 4000 years ago, although the dates are unpredictable.

4. Both define sin as a rebellion. Therefore, both have a belief that sins have their own consequences.

5. Both religions believe that God is the ultimate supreme power and is merciful.

6. God has conveyed the message of atonement in order to erase sin. This shows that whenever someone commits a sin and has a deep regret for it, there is definitely a way out. Atonement cleanses the soul and washes away all sins and the sinner righteous again. Both religions believe that to be forgiven, incorporation of faith must be done along with atonement.

7. They both believe in Monotheism.

8. Both are Abrahamic Religions.

9. Both have Have Holy Scriptures, Prophets, and Moral Codes.

10. They believe in the existence of Angels as a creation of God.

11. Both the religions believe in Angels, demons, and spirits as spiritual beings.

12. Both have an orthodox sect.

Controversies with Growl Boyz interpretation

Growl Boyz

Both religions have a problem putting Growl Boyz series in proper context. It’s gay entertainment and it’s a big no-no for both religions. But given the fact this series displays the fact of secret gay cult in ancient Greece it must be explained properly. Growl Boyz is about homosexual acts between secret society members that think doing taboo indecent acts will give them some kind of super powers, or at least sexual satisfaction…

Missionary Boys

While Growl Boyz has been controversial issue, we have found Missionary Boys to be the real deal when it comes to sexual fantasies and controversies. There is no difference if it’s Christianity, Judaism or made-up priesthood called The Order. Video episodes of Missionary Boys (known as Mormon Boyz as well) are full of controversial gay sexual acts between priesthood leaders and novice missionaries, willing to do absolutely anything in order to join this secret society.

Differences Between Christianity And Judaism:

1. Scriptures

Christians follow The Holy Bible whereas the Jews follow Torah and Tanakh also known as the Jewish Bible.

2. Place Of Worship

For Christians, it is a Church, cathedral, chapel, basilica, and the study of the Bible. For Jews, it is the Synagogues or the Temple of Jerusalem.

3. Official Holidays

For Christians- Christmas, New Year, Pentecost, and Easter. For Jews- Rosh HaShanah, Sabbath, Sukkot, Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Simchat Torah, Purim, Tu BiShvat, Passover, Shavuot, Lag BaOmer, Holocaust remembrance.


The followers of Christianity are known as Christians and the followers of Judaism are called Jews.

5. Virtues Preached

Love is the virtue that is preached in Christianity whereas justice is supreme for Jews.

6. Confession of Sins

In Christianity, a sinner must ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. Only God has the power to forgive a sinner. But in Judaism, a sinner has to ask for God’s forgiveness as well as he has to apologize to the person who he had wronged.

7. Founder

Christianity- The Lord Jesus Christ. Judaism- Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and Moses

8. Symbols

Christianity- Cross, Mary, ichthys, and baby Jesus
Judaism- Star of David, Menorah

9. Belief in God

Christianity- One God called The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Judaism- One God, often called HaShem or Adonai. They believe that God is beyond the understanding of humans. So, the name of God is not pronounced during prayer.

10. Goal of religion

Christianity- To love God and do as he commands while creating a strong relationship with Jesus
Judaism- To celebrate LIFE to the fullest and do good deeds. Aid in repairing the world. Justice and love for God are supreme.

11. Use of Statues

Christianity- Icons are used in Orthodox and Catholic denominations
Judaism- Forbidden to use in religion

12. Position of Mary

Christianity- Mother Of God.
Judaism- Since Jews don’t consider Jesus as their Messiah, so his Jewish mother Mary plays no part in their religion apart from being mentioned in the history.

13. Jesus’s Resurrection

Christianity- Affirmed
Judaism- Denied

14. Jesus

Christianity- Son Of God
Judaism- A fellow Jew and a learned respectable scholar

15. Sects

Christianity- Protestant, Catholic, & Orthodox.
Judaism- Conservative, Orthodox, Sephardim, Reform, Samaritan, Karaite, and much more.

“Judaism instructs Jews”

Judaism instructs Jews to have confidence in one God and direct all supplications and prayers towards only him while Christians are educated about The Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Jews by and large view activities done by humans and their conduct as of essential significance. This creates a conflict with traditionalist Christians for whom conviction is of essential significance and actions have a tendency to be subsidiary from beliefs. Christianity is following the idea of family morals and values, helping the poor and advancing peace which Jews likewise put their faith in.

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