The Best Jewish Temples And Activities For Tourists

Jerusalem is a city that has a rich history and a staggering historical importance. Three major religions in the world have their most important spots in this city: the first Jewish temple to keep the Ark of Covenant safe was built there as well as the crucifixion of Jesus and his ascend to Heaven and finally, the place where Prophet Muhammad ascended to Haven and received the word of God. We will be concentrating in Jewish tradition and places, but you can also find Catholic and Muslim holy sites.

Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount)

This might be the most sacred place on Earth for more than one religion. It is believed to be the place in which Abraham offered his son for sacrifice and also the place where the first temple to protect the Ark of the Covenant was built too. The golden dome of the temple is breathtaking and also the plaza that is right in front of it is beautiful to look at. If there is a historical and religious landmark you should attend in Jerusalem, this is the one.

Wailing Wall And Jewish Quarter

This is the only wall that survived from Jerusalem´s First Temple and is often known as Western Wall or Laments Wall. These names are given to this place because it is where people go to lament for the loss of their temple in AD 70. It is now the holiest place on Earth for Judaism and it is the final stop of many pilgrims that want to get close and touch the stone with their hands to receive some of the holy energy. Really close, you can find Jerusalem Archeological Park where amazing findings are displayed in a beautiful way.

Citadel And Surrounds

The Citadel is often referred to as the Tower of David but doesn´t have any relationship with David because it was built by King Herod as protection for the palace. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times during virtually every occupation of the city. The foundations are the original ones, but the actual building was made around the 14th Century. You can visit the Tower of David Museum to understand the history of the city and also climb up for some of the great views of the Old City you can possibly find.

Mount Zion

This place is of paramount importance for all the Jewish population in the world since it is believed to be the burial place of King David. But the attractions don´t end up with his tomb, you can go through the Last Supper Room. This holy mount brings together Christians and Jews alike for its historical importance for human kind. Make sure you climb the stairs to the tomb´s courtyard and take a selfie at the Last Supper Room.

Old City Walls

The main entrance to the Jewish Quarter of the city is surrounded by these beautiful fortifications built by the Ottoman Empire. You can go around it through some of the most iconic doors like Lion´s Gate that takes you to the Mount of Olives, Damascus Gate, Jaffa Gate that takes you to the Christian Quarter and Zion Gate, which is the entrance to Jewish territory. If you want to get the feeling of what Jerusalem used to be and a good taste of what the Old City used to be, walk around these walls.

Kidron Valley

If you want to visit the place of the Final Judgment before your time comes, you should definitely visit this place. It is one of the places that could definitely go into my Amazing Jewish Museums and Monuments to Visit because of its importance and beauty. It sits right in between Mount of Olives and Mount Zion and is of the same importance for Christians and Jews since the same trial will take place in that place for all. As one of the oldest parts of Jerusalem, it is of special interest for archeologists who call it City of David and have dated it to be 4,000 years old.

Yad Vashem (Hill of Remembrance)

For every Jewish person, to remember the Holocaust is a necessity. Having memory of what happened in our past will serve us to have a better future. This Israel´s major memorial dedicated to Holocaust victims and there you can appreciate the eternal flame always burning to honor the memory of those tragically lost. Also, there´s an artistic show and photograph exhibition you should visit.

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Jerusalem is one of the world´s most important places for Jewish people and going there is an experience I recommend to all Jewish in the world. Following these tips you can go to the most important places, and although the list goes on and on, you can say you have visited the origins of our religion and way of life.

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